Crowns & Bridges

Restore your smile with first-class crowns from Keyes Family Dentistry.

Do you have a tooth that’s so damaged and decayed that a regular filling won’t fix it? If the answer is yes, you’re likely always on high alert, making sure your tooth doesn’t break every time you eat. Fortunately, there’s a way to alleviate your discomfort and help your tooth regain its function. At Keyes Family Dentistry, we’re ready to protect your teeth with our stellar crown and replacement services. While drilling can make severe tooth damage even worse, a crown will cover the problem area and stop the decay in its tracks.

A crowning touch to improve your smile and dental health.

If your dentist recommends a crown, they will place a custom-made artificial cap over your weakened tooth. This will make it stronger and let you resume your brushing and eating routines without stress. Our dental crowns are also beneficial in other treatments, such as while supporting a filling or improving discoloration in your tooth.

Additional uses for crowns include extra reinforcement for bridges and dentures. For more information, give us a call. You can also browse our website to learn more on our porcelain veneers, cleaning and scaling, whitening, mouth guards and cancer screening service.

Restore your smile with first-class bridges from Keyes Family Dentistry.

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. But if you’re missing a tooth, you may be self-conscious and feel the need to cover your mouth every time you speak or laugh. To restore your stunning smile once and for all, Keyes Family Dentistry offers top-of-the-line dental bridges. Flexible and often non-invasive, bridges provide a fast and natural-looking method for filling in the gaps left behind by missing teeth.

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Bridge the gaps in your smile.

To create your bridge, we will install a crown on each tooth on either side of the space in your gums. These crowns are used to anchor your false teeth, also known as pontics. And thanks to our simple procedure, we are able to add more than one bridge prosthesis at a time. Beyond aesthetics, bridges allow you to chew and speak properly while maintaining the shape of your face. This solution is also invaluable when it comes to preventing your teeth from gradually shifting.

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