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So, you’ve decided to turn your life around—you’ve quit cigarettes, started a new workout program, but there’s still one small problem—you don’t know what to do about your tobacco-stained teeth. Luckily, Keyes Family Dentistry is here to brighten your teeth without breaking the bank!

Quick and easy, our teeth whitening procedure will clean and lighten your teeth without damaging your enamel or any of your teeth’s sensitive surfaces. Gone will be the days of stained and yellow teeth. Revitalize your smile with our teeth whitening services—call us today.
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In addition to smoking cigarettes, your teeth can be stained by a number of sources, including food and beverages such as tea, coffee, and cola. But some medications can also lead to the discoloration of your teeth, like high blood pressure pills and antipsychotic drugs.

At Keyes Family Dentistry, regardless of what caused the stains, our advanced techniques and products can flawlessly bleach your teeth and bring your dream smile back to life. We are committed to working with each customer until we achieve your desired whiteness and brightness.

Call us today; you can also enjoy our other services like porcelain veneers, cleaning and scaling, mouth guards and cancer screening!

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