Insurance Coverage

Our office is independent from HMO and PPO networks. We accept most insurance plans.
Most of Brevard’s top employers offer excellent dental benefits, including:

  • L3 Harris
  • DRS technologies
  • Northrup Grumman
  • Spectrum

We’re happy to answer questions regarding insurance coverage.
To find out what coverage you can expect, call us at 321-722-2193.

Insurance claims filing

As a courtesy, we’ll gladly file insurance claims on your behalf. Most insurance companies allow us to directly charge them for the portion of the procedure fee that they cover. This way, you only have to pay the portion you are responsible for.
We accept cash, check, credit card payment and care credit.

Are you well covered?

Whether or not you have insurance and no matter what your dental insurance plan covers, the best dental coverage is prevention. Regular checkups and early treatment is the least expensive and easiest dental coverage. We are firm believers in prevention because procrastination results in more extensive and complicated treatment that can multiply the cost of your care in a short period of time.

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