Night & Sports Guards

Protect your teeth with night and sport guards for your teeth

Everyone shudders when they hear stories of their friends breaking their teeth at the latest soccer game. But don’t let the risk of a mis-aimed ball stop you from enjoying your favorite sports. At Keyes Family Dentistry, we have the solution to get you back on the field without fear.

READY…SET…GET YOUR SPORT GUARD for Protection out on the field.

Our top-notch sport mouth guards can protect your teeth and mouth during contact activities. With our world-class equipment between your teeth, you help limit the risk of an oral injury to your lips, tongue, and soft tissues in your mouth. And of course, in case of impact, you’re also preventing broken teeth and nerve damage. So ready, set, get your sport mouth guard — contact us today.

Do you grind or clench your teeth at night?

With the stress of our times, more and more people are grinding their teeth at night. Long-term grinding, also known as bruxism, can cause significant tooth and enamel damage. True to our preventative approach, Keyes Family Dentistry offers night guards to reduce the harmful effects of bruxism.

Beyond sports protection, our night mouth guard fits over either your upper or lower teeth so that when you clench your jaw, the force is transferred to the night guard rather than your teeth. In this way, our supportive devices will prevent excessive wear and tear on your enamel, while also avoiding eventual tooth sensitivity. Many of our patients also report that since using a night guard, they sleep much better and wake up feeling refreshed. Instead of spending money on expensive dental restorative procedures, invest in affordable prevention methods.

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